Clan Barclay

This site represents an in depth history of Clan Barclay and it's origins in Scotland.
Included will be Barclay Castles and the known location of sites where Castles once
stood. A brief history of the families that occupied each Castle will be given.
Barclay of Ladyland Badge
The sword is depicted correctly
but the motto is wrong.

Motto :
Crux Christi nostra salus

Barclay's of Ladyland were
a cadet family of the
Barclay's of Kilbirnie and
Crawford-John, Ayrshire.
The Kilbirnie line originated
in the late 13th century as a
Branch of the Towie line.

Barclay of Towie Badge
Motto: Either Action or Death

The Towie line dates back to
the 11th century and is the
origin of the Barclay's in
Scotland. The current Chief of
the Clan is Peter C. Barclay
XXX1 of Towie and that Ilk.
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                                         Barclay Tartans
There is no rule for the correct tartan to be worn. It is a personal choice. Tartan Trews (Trousers) can be worn as an
alternative. The author of this website wears a Barclay dress kilt and Ancient Hunting Trews. It should be noted that
Tartan is the correct name for the material and not "Plaid' as so often used in the USA. A " Plaid" is  a large piece of
tartan material that was both a kilt and served also as a blanket, used in the Highlands of Scotland. The kilt that is
proudly worn today is a modern dress item created in the 19th century.
The Barclay's were not Highlanders and did not dress as such.
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                                                 Barclay Family Arms
Earl of Berkeley      
late 14th Century
Barclay of Colairnie
  late 14th Century
Barclay of Gartly
late 14th Century
Barclay of Mathers
     16th Century
Barclay of Kippo
17th Century
Barclay of Urie
18th Century
Barclay of Pierston
      19th Century
Barclay of Towie
15th Century
     Barclay Dress
     Muted Dress
 Ancient Hunting
Modern Hunting
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Barclay Name Variations
Over the last 10 centuries there has been many spelling variations of the name. Starting from Beorcenlau the Saxon
Chronicals of the 11th century, there are 66 variations up to  the 19th century. The most common spelling in Scotland
Barclay and was first used by Alexander Barclay V1, of the Mearns and Mathers in the late 15th century.
Various Ways In Which The Name Of Barclay Is Spelt
Additional names associated with Barclay.

Ardrossan,Tollie, Tolley, Towie, Towy,  Tullie, Tully.